Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Check out our acrostic poems about fireworks...

Fireworks - By Holly

Fireworks are colourful.
I would never want to leave, for I love fireworks, they're they best.
Rainbow colours cross the sky like angels in the night.
Everyone waits for the explosion.
Wait, wait you have to be patient.
Over the sky they twinkle and sparkle.
Red fireworks, white fireworks, every kind of fireworks.
Kids are having fun running around, 'round, 'round, kids are having fun running around.

Fireworks - By Louie

Flying up into the air then popping.
In the air I hear fireworks exploding.
Racing your friends up and down the hill.
Eating candyfloss and sharing with your dad.
Winning all your races with your friend.
Over the hill you see the fireworks popping.
Remembering the time you had at the fireworks.
Kids sharing their toys with other people.
Silently waiting for the fireworks to explode.

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