Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On Tueday KiwiKick came to Onerahi Primary School. We got to go out and play some games with the instuctors. They taught us how to kick a rugby league ball and they taught us some fun new games. This is our writing about what we did...

I like to kick the ball. I got someone with the ball and I loved it.
By Leo.

Yesterday we all played Kiwi Kick. My favourite was scarecrow.
By Lily

Yesterday we played scarecrow tiggy.
By Moana.

Yesterday we played Kiwi Kick. It was fun. My favourite was the scarecrow game.
By Skyla.
Yesterday we played rugby. My favourite game is the scarecrow game.
By Aaliyah.

Yesterday we played scarecrow and I learnt how to drop kick. And then we played bomb the teacher!
By Lorelei.

On Tuesday we played rugby and it was fun and we played bomb the teacher. In scarecrow if people tag you, you have to stand like a scarecrow and if people come around you, you are safe.
By James.

Yesterday room 15 went to the Kiwi Kick. Scarecrow was the best. It was awesome.
By Zac

Yesterday room fifteen and sixteen went out to play some Kiwi Kicks. First we played scarecrow. I did not get to be the tagger. And then we played bomb the teacher. My group were the Tigers, our team won. And then we went inside.
By Louie

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