Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Today Room 15 went exploring. We went for a walk on the school field to see what we could notice. We saw that the trees had started to loose their leaves. Some trees had almost no leaves at all. Other trees were still green and lots of leaves. We picked up some of the leaves as we walked and bought them back to our class to investigate. There were lots of beautiful colours and shapes. We used these leaves to help us with our writing today. These are our stories.

By Holly
It is Autumn.
It is the time of the year when we are cold.
The colours of the leaves are: red, orange, yellow, golden and brown.
We have hot chocolate and soup in autumn.

My Autumn Leaves
By Louie
These are my leaves.
They are very bright green. On the ends of one of my leaves it’s turning brown.
I am going to keep my special leaves. I am going to put them in my stash.
My leaves are autumn leaves.
One of my leaves are dotty.
My leaf
By James
My leaf is brown and it has stripes.
Some leaves are red and golden.
So many shiny leaves are beautiful. I like picking leaves.
I was picking them off the ground.
It was exciting.
My leaf
By Madison
My leaf is silver and brown and soft and shiny.
All the other leaves are fabulous.
 Holly’s are very cool.
I love them so much.
Autumn Leaves
By Awhina
I went outside to play again. It was fun.
Then we went to find some leaves.
I got a red leaf and I got a shiny one.
My favourite one was the brown and red one.
I got a purple leaf.
I also got a bendy one.
I got them off the ground.
By Nico
Autumn is the time of year when the leaves fall off the trees.
I love autumn because I get to jump in the leaves.
 I wish autumn never left.
By Nico
Today I found two green leaves. They tell me which way the wind is going and they are big. I found them on the ground. Some of my friends think I picked them off the tree, but I didn’t. In Autumn the leaves fall off the trees. I love autumn because the leaves fall off the trees.
By Melinda
Autumn is coming and the leaves fall off the trees.
The leaves make a carpet on the ground.
It is fun to play in the leaves.
By Jared
Today is Thursday.
We got some leaves off the ground.
The leaves are brown and some leaves are green.
Crunchy Leaves
By Aaliyah
The leaves on the ground were crunchy and some were smooth.
Some were green and some were smooth.
Some were golden.
Some were big and some were small.
By Zachary
Autumn is the time of year when leaves fall off the trees.
It will be cold in the mornings and it will be wet outside.
The leaves will spin around like tornados in the sky.
I like watching the leaves twirling in the wind.
I normally explore different shapes. It’s awesome.
By Anahera
In autumn the leaves fall off the trees and they start to go brown.
 The big one probably is two metres I think.
The medium one is probably one metre.
I like them.
The leaves
By Jackson
The leaves are good.
I like the leaves.
They are good leaves.
The leaves are green, brown and golden.
By Lily
In autumn the leaves fall off the trees.
By Leohan
The tree is green and it is golden.
My Leaf
By Irena
My autumn leaf is green and golden.
My Leaf
By Lorelei
It looks like a bright yellow leaf or a bright ginger dog.

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  1. Those leaves are so colourful. I want them in my room.
    by Awhina.